Maxime Boutique Hotel

Your Haitian Hideaway

A beautiful little spot in PetionVille to get away from it all. Maxime Boutique Hotel takes a personalized approach, to serving its guests and anticipating their needs at all times during their stay.  Before your arrival to Haiti, our Manager will be communicating with our guests in gathering all information to ensure a memorable experience. Attention to detail is the hallmark of this magical place. Call today at 011-509-2817-9509 for short- or long-term rates.




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Perched in PetionVille above Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Maxime Boutique Hotel is conveniently located to the best bars and restaurants in the city, yet is still a good base for reaching all of Port-au-prince and beyond. We are walking distance from the city's biggest supermarket and near a wide array of stores, boutiques, and craft venues.


In Petionville, approximtely 30 minutes from the Toussaint L'Ouverture International Airport. Contact us at for exact location and pickup coordination.


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Our Neighborhood

Petionville is the heart of Haiti's social and business scene. Many bars, restaurants, and boutiques are scattered throughout this bustling neighborhood, yet Maxime's is located conveniently in a quiet sidestreet where you can find peace and quiet after a long day.

In Haiti most days are sunny. The rainy season is in the summer as in much of the caribbean, while the winter (December-January) is the driest time of the year. When it does rain, showers are usually quick and come in the late afternoon or evening.